Female Dormitory
    This dormitory houses females of eighteen years and above. Some of these young women are also able to help on specific tasks within the Home, while others are totally dependent on our attendants. The dormitory includes a medicine room and emergency medical services, with 24/7 availability of a professional nurse. Private showers, lavatories, and bathing facilities are also located within the structure. Entertainment in the form of television and music is made available, and the dormitory is cooled with ceiling fans throughout.
    Female Dorm   Female Dorm
    The covered canteen is built with an open air design. This canteen caters to our male & females children of less than eighteen years of age. The canteen layout is made for easy wheelchair access, and can feed up to 60 - 120 children at one time.
    Canteen   Canteen
    Male Dormitory
    This dormitory houses males of eighteen years and above. Similar to our young women, some of the men can also help with certain volunteer activities. The dormitory is similarly configured as the Female Dormitory #1.
    Classroom/Physiotherapy/Hydrotherapy pool/Playground
    Our classroom is used for both instruction and arts & crafts. We strive to find activities that our children readily respond to. This includes not only drawing, colouring, and painting, but also some simple arts & crafts like basket weaving. We also use the classroom for other events and as a music room.
    Classroom   Classroom
    Most of the children residing in our Home have been abandoned from their natural parents. Some of them were heavily neglected and abused prior to coming to the Home. Other children are still in contact with their parents and relatives, but need the special care we can provide for them.
    Bodycourt   Bodycourt
    Male Hostel #2
    Male children under the age of eighteen live in this dormitory.
    Medicine room and Ambulance
    Our transportation service is available 7x24 and responsible to accompany our patients to Johor hospitals for medical check up and therapy if needed.
    Medicine room and Ambulance   Medicine room and Ambulance