About Us

    The Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association Johor is situated at Lot 5042, Jalan Indah Permai 9, Taman Saleng Indah, 81400 Saleng, Johor Darul Takzim.
    Founded in May 1990 with only seven children, we are now custodians of around 220 special needs children; some of our “children” are over 18 years old, but are still quite undeveloped in their mental abilities and physical skills. From our humble beginnings and unwavering mission, we have become Malaysia's largest benevolent Home.
    The occupants of the Home include children who have been very cruelly abandoned by their families. Many of the children do not know their biological parents... they consider their caregivers at the Home as their true parents, and rely on us for daily life support, care, and nurturing. In addition to physically impaired children, the Home includes individuals with severe disabilities such as Down’s syndrome and cerebral palsy.
    From our beginnings of 7 children in May 1990, to our current size of around 215 children, we have grown the Home consistently every year. In the year of 2000, we had around 70 children, growing to 135 in 2004, and 175 in 2008; the ten year (2000-2010) compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) on the number of children under our care is around 11%.
    In addition to local donors and contributors, the Home is often visited by schools, community groups, and members of the Malaysian government. The home has been recognized both locally and globally for its services and humanitarian efforts. In 1992, the President received the Guinness Stout Effort Award for his selfless attitude of caring for handicapped children. From being as humble as he is, he treasures his photograph with the Blessed MOTHER THERESA. He claims unreservedly, that his success is attributable for her blessings on him.
    In 1996, the Home was visited by members of the Japan Yokohama International College of Social Welfare. The members were very impressed with the Home and invited Mr. Rajamanikam’s to visit their welfare center in Japan. They also promised to donate some equipment to the Home and initiate a mutual exchange of ideas for further improvements. In 1997, the Founder-President received the prestigious "Heart of Gold Award" presented by his Royal Highness the Sultan of Johor for his unwavering devotion to special needs children. In 2001, the Rotary Club of Pasir Gudang honored the President with their Certificate of Recognition for his selfless service and care for mentally & physically handicapped children. In 2002, the President was honored by the Malaysian Indian congress with the “Nobleman of Manhood” award. In 2006, Mr. Rajamanikam was awarded the NSTP-PwC Malaysian Lifetime Humanitarian Award (from The New Straits Press and Price Waterhouse Coopers) in recognition of his selfless acts and kind deeds; in 2008, he was honored again with the NSTP-PwC Malaysian Lifetime Humanitarian Award from the Truly Loving Company.
    Most of the children residing in our Home have been abandoned from their natural parents. Some of them were heavily neglected and abused prior to coming to the Home. Other children are still in contact with their parents and relatives, but need the special care we can provide for them. Among the children under our care are the severely visually impaired, mentally and physically challenged, paralytic, Down’s syndrome, spastic, hyperactive, cerebral palsy, autistic, mute, and simply abandoned children. The Home accepts all races and all religions… the only requirements are that they need help and a safe place to live… this is why our slogan is to “Help the Helpless”.