Charity visit by Buddhist Fellowship Youth

    Charity visit by Buddhist Fellowship Youth, Singapore During the sunny morning of Sunday the 2nd of September 2012 a group of passionate youth have visited our Home. These 40 volunteers/visitors were affiliated with Buddhist Fellowship Youth, Singapore; and all of them were passionate to help the handicapped and mentally disabled children. This was not the first visit to our Home by Buddhist Fellowship Youth but they are our continuous supporters and they are visiting our Home regularly. Last time they bring Children to visit our Home and this time they came together with passionate youth. They were keen to participate in the charity work and during their visit they have really appreciated the efforts and work done by the management and staff of handicap JB for the taking care and provision of facilities to the occupants and the residents at our Home. They have visited all the dormitory of the home and showed their concerns and sympathy to the occupants. They have also provided some contribution to help and support our Home.